Weekend Events: Advent Brunches Galore

December 8, 2017|Events

So if you’re looking for some good’ole advent brunches then look no further:

Prenzlauer Berg- Kanaan is holding an Israeli Palestinian breakfast. It seems that food and music are the only two arenas these days where peace is possible, and food seems to be a little bit of a crapshoot. Great to see that Better Together Kanaan is living the truth. Check it out here

Friedreichshain- El Atelier Tapas is holding a Paella event this weekend to celebrate the advent, but lets face it we don’t need God to love Paella. Some would argue that Paella is God. Well, Mr. Eatler would. Check it out here

Kreuzberg- If it looks like a duck and smells like a duck and fuck if it don’t taste like a duck then by gum it must be Mirika. Thats right, this weekend, Mirika is holding a duck brunch. Check it out here

Kreuzberg- Le Canapé Rouge, recently reopened french joint is holding a brunch with lots of fromage and saucisson. But if you’re in for more of a sweet tooth then brunch is also sweet with french baguettes, viennoiseries, homemade jam and bio granola, etc.. Check it out here

Charlottenburg- Cafe Calve is holding a Tunisian brunch this weekend. Lamb and couscous and paté… um,  a winning combination wouldn’t you say? Check it out here

Charlottenburg- Nauta is holding a brunch this weekend so if you’re into the more exotic persuasion of advent brunching take a look at the Japanese Peruvian offerings of this fine establishment. Check it out here



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