Neukölln- Update On Indian Joint Closure, Moksa

December 7, 2017|Openings


Neukölln- Update on Moksa, the relatively recently opened Indian joint that has been getting tons of love from aficionados has unfortunately been kicked out of their home due to some pesky neighbors filing noise complaints.

I had numerous noise complaints from the tenants directly above me regarding the noise level, basically my new A++ Fridges in the kitchen were too loud for them (during the night) even with Larmschutz installed all over.. they decided to gather the neighbours and launch an attack on me in which i had no chance of winning despite the Hausverwaltung being more on my side. – Moksa-

As for the future, the current place is out of the question however Moksa would love to continue working in Kreuz or Prenz or even Mitte. But things are tough as they are pretty much a little me man show. They and Mr. Eatler are praying for a Christmas miracle. Send those good vibes Moksa’s way.

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