Neukölln- Beloved Indian Joint, Moksa, Kicked Out Of Location

December 6, 2017|Openings

Neukölln – Moksa, feeding tasty modern Indian cuisine to Berlin’s  masses at Street Food Thursdays among other places for quite some time now, got its own fixed location this passed year has had some bad news and are unfortunately kicked out of their joint. Unclear why this unceremonious event is happening but money is on landlord issues, which seem to be a plague on numerous joints in town this past year. Here is their statement:

Ladies & gentlemen, that’s a special time of year is finally upon us and here are some very unfortunate news. Long story short Moksa is being kicked out! So this weekend and next weekend wants to celebrate our last dinners at this location. You can find us silent in the market hall Nine every Thursday for Street Food Thursday .. and who knows, maybe a christmas miracle will happen? ..

So sad, as Moksa has been winning hardcore love for the better part of this year. Antlers crossed Moksa, good luck!

Kienitzer Strasse 22


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