Berlin Restaurants Openings Rundown: CharB, Freddy

December 6, 2017|Openings

Berlin Restaurants Openings rundown, we got one joint in Char-burg and one sushi box joint in Freddy…

Charlottenburg- Löffel, new joint going into the softy. Unclear exactly what they do as the news is pretty fresh, but judging by the name, would it be safe to assume that this will be a soup joint at the end of KuDamm just in time for the cold winter months? Indeed it is possible. Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Sigmaringer Straße 8a

Friedrichshain- Mason, new snack shop doing sushi boxes over in Freddy is opening up with some specials to mark the opening. Generally Mr. Eatler is always suspect of Sushi specials, but when its an opening there is perhaps some good reasoning behind it. The whole “yesterday’s raw fish special” is a little less than appealing, but Mason looks like a good addition to the sidewalk sushi game.

U Samariterstr

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