Berlin Restaurant Reviews Of The Day

December 5, 2017|Reviews

Berlin Restaurant Reviews rundown is here… we got one in Mitte, one in Neukölln, one in Char-burg and one in Wilmersdorf… here it goes.

MitteNight Kitchen, the recently opened modern mediterranean gastropub in Heckmanhöfe got a huge profile with some major love at the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung talking about the restaurant and the menu designed by their head chef. Check out the full post here. 

Neukölln- Rusty, another gastropub over in Neukölln that’s been open for about a year got some love from TIP for their menu with some kickass pork belly and bulgar wheat. Seems like a pretty… well… rusty, bare bones, we don’t give a fuck place. Mr. Eatler likes. Check out the full post here. 

Charlottenburg- Rosso Alternative Pizza got some love from Berlin Loves You who seemed to be very enthusiastic about Rosso’s Roman style pizza. Normally the notion of “Alternative Pizza” really gets Mr. Eatler’s goat, however this old school type of pizza looks like a promising version, which makes one think… Shouldn’t this be the original? Just sayin’. Check out the full post here.

Wilmersdorf- Bahadur got some love from Stil In Berlin who is continues in their full throated support of Bahadur as a kickass Indian joint and includes the joint on their highlight map. Check it out here.

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