Berlin Restaurants: Openings

December 4, 2017|Openings

Berlin Restaurants: Korean Chicken, Coffee, & Monkey Kings

Its an outer borough sort of Monday for the Berlin restaurants openings edition. We got one in Kreuz. one in Neukölln and one in Wedding

Neukölln- Evie’s Beans, coffee shop had their official opening this past weekend and all looks as if it went well. The joint has been in the softy for a while and the concept is coffee, and coffee cocktails… try to contain yourselves. Now in officially post opening phase lets see if they manage to up the coffee cocktail game in Neukölln. The opening was “viny and coffee party” unclear what the vinyl part was, but sometimes surprises are the most exciting way to go about it. Especially if that surprise is some sort of hidden vinyl. 

Weserstrasse 189

Wedding- Chibee- Korean Chicken & Beer which are three great things together, are opening up a new joint that is slated for open doors in about 10 days. Other info is pretty mum but it looks like a mid range Chicken shop. No word yet on seating or take out, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Tegeler Straße 27

Kreuzberg- Wukong Berlin, new Asian fusion joint named after the ever popular Wushu character The Monkey King is in the softy as of yesterday. Opening up in the every more gastro popular Skalizer by Schlesicher Tor, lets see if they deliver the punch to the palate ever so powerfully as The Monkey King defeats his foes. Cause we all know, Monkeys don’t give a damn!

Skalitzer Str.81


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