Berlin Restaurants: Closings

December 4, 2017|Openings

Berlin Restaurants: Indian, Wild West, & Yoko

Its an exotic rundown today for the Berlin restaurants closings editions. We got one joint in Freddy, one in Kreuz. and one in Prenz.

Friedrichshain- Akash Indian joint located off Boxhagener Platz is up for grabs with the full resto in tact. Around 3 grand rent. Freddy has been in a pubescent phase over the last year, so there is potential. This joint has been up on the boards for a while, so perhaps  high key money is the problem, because all the other stats seem to make sense, lets see what happens

Grünberger Str. 33

Kreuzberg- Wild West Burger is up for grabs for about 1800 bucks, but perhaps there are some landlord issues because the store may no longer be operated as a burger restaurant. The owner does not want a burger concept no snack no Currywurst load no kebab do not load anything with a frier. Allows sushi concept with delivery service or other concepts where no fat fryers. Well, we could all use some sushi in Kreuz… or what the heck, why not a Poke Bowl.


Prenzlauer Berg-Yoko Sushi over on Prenzlauer Allee is up for grabs. Delivery, in house and takeaway, they are looking for someone to essentially take over the franchise as their are a few other joints in town by the same name, but it seems like its possible to do other things in the space. Its about 1800 bucks rent and about 16 covers.

Wilhelmstr. 24

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