Berlin Restaurant Weekend Roundup

December 4, 2017|Gossip

Berlin Restaurant Weekend Roundup: Hummus, Ramen, Travels And Rants

Weekend round up of the Berlin restaurant scene… so this is what happened around town and also a bit in the global town this past weekend…

The head honcho from over at Nobelhart & Schmutzig hit up Ernst, one of the newer brutally local joints that has been making the rounds. He was pretty vocal about the amazingness of it all, saying the restaurant is “the most exciting new opening in Germany of recent years.”  This is to be expected from the somewhat incestuous brutally local “Die Gemeinschaft” or The Community, that has literally formed a union and put out a manifesto of their gastronomic credo. Some members of the group seem never to tire of the self adulation of their own belief system. Will somebody get the fucking Emperor a robe over here?

berlin restaurant

Duc Ngo, Kantstrassenmafia Don has picked up and took a trip to Japan. Could he be doing some reasearch for some particular new resto? It wouldn’t surprise considering he opened about four new joints in the last year. So far he has sampled various delectable, what else will he be up to? Remains to be seen.

Kanaan, the kickass hummus joint up in Prenz. moved a bit more central for a short while this past weekend and hooked up with Cookies & Co, and also with Glas head chef Gal Ben Moshe for and event. There is a pretty cool lookin’ vid, check it out…

And last but not least, it’s not a Berlin Restaurant Shit thing, but it’s some heavy shit that speaks the truth. So it’s time to be learnin’ young’ns…. Check out this vid where Marco Pierre White destroys Michelin, celebrity chef’s and dilettantes world wide. Don’t fuck with that guy.

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