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December 4, 2017|Events

Berlin Restaurant Events: Pop Ups, Christmas, Sushi, & Dumplings

We got a pretty nice roundup of Berlin restaurant events this week, from the super hip, to the super high brow, to the super yummy and the supper christmassy. Ahhh, Christmas… yeah, Christmas…  Here it goes.

Neukölln- Wagner Cocktail Bistro is holding their Mexican Monday extravaganza tonight, and quote “the best Mexican in town” according to Manneck head ombre over at WCB. They opened up about two weeks ago and have been killin’ it down yonder with critics and humans alike. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg- Miss Sophie’s is holding a holiday time Pop Up over at Sinnes Wine Shop starting on Wednesday, cuz you know, its all Christmas time and every thing. Austro/Euro sort of cuisine. Risotto, Wurst, Safran. Would be nice to have all three together. Check it out here. 

Prenzlauer Berg- Kochu Karu, the Korean Spanish fusion joint owned by a chef and an opera singer is holding an event starting on Thursday and going on for a couple of weeks. A veritable dinner theatre of sorts. Or dinner opera of sorts. The whole menu is inspired by elements of the opera singer’s repertoire. Yeah, there will be singing apparently. Check it out here

Tiergarten- Sticks & Sushi, the Danish sushi joint that opened up about six months ago is doing a sushi and tea pairing on Thursday. You get a four course menu based off of the tea selection curated by a Tea Sommelier… yeah, Mr. Eatler didn’t know that was a thing either, but pretty fuckin’ cool. Check it out here.

Prenzlauer Berg- Satt & Glücklich, the veggie/vegan bio deli/sammy joint is holding a dumpling pop up. Damn, those were so many adjectives to describe one resto. That’s the way it is these days. Nevertheless the dumpling pop-up is going on this Friday with a whole lot of veggie balls to contend with. Check it out here. 

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