Beloved Israeli Joint Is Target Of The Shame Game

December 1, 2017|Awards

For today’s Yelpie: The Shame Game

We got one of the more acerbic reviews we’ve had in a while and for none other than Yafo, one of the joints with the strongest cult following in the Berlin gastro game. Yafo is an eat and hang joint that thrives on hedonism, hectic chaos and booze; and which is the antithesis of the so called -ordnung- that is prevalent in these Saxon lands.

Normally Mr. Eatler doesn’t like to play favorites when it comes to restaurants, the news is the news, but this review was really something else. With out further ado, here is the Facebook review in full… names redacted though… but commentary to come afterwards…

Damn bruh!!! You’re throwin’ down the “Shame To The Nation” card??? A little over emphatic are we?? Upon first gander of this epic tome Mr. Eatler’s first thought was, “Did the Yafo Crew murder this guys dog? What the fuck happened?” But on a second go, this comes across as an evil, non-empathetic, malice filled doctrine of the most narcissistic kind. Either that, or this guy is a shill for a third party in which case, is some one out to get Yafo and its crew?

All that being said, everyone can have a bad night at a restaurant, either owner or guest, but usually a truly bad place consistently receive poor reviews. However, on Facebook, Yafo has 138 reviews, out of which 130 are 5 stars, and one of which is 1 star and we all know to which sad critic we can attribute that solitary rating.

The moral of a story, if you don’t like a place, don’t be a dick about it.



When asked how she would like to respond to the bad review, Yafo owner, Shani Ahiel first commented: “Suck my dick” which won her mad props from Mr. Eatler… however, she then listened to the better angels of her nature and elaborated:

“Yafo tries it’s best to give an unforgettable unique experience, however sometimes like with everything, things don’t always work the way you want… We would love to invite you again to fix the bad impression.”

A classy lady.

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