Restaurant Reviews: Raue, Spooning, Tapas & More

December 1, 2017|Reviews

Restaurant Reviews Of The Week

Okay, Raue is not spooning anything as far as Mr. Eatler knows, but nevertheless here are the restaurant reviews of the week.

Kreuzberg- From TIP we got some love for Feedback, the Cantonese joint over in Kreuzberg that’s been doin’ it since 2015. Basically a chapeau and an apology, claiming that a return visit was very long over due. Check it out here. 

Prenzlauer Berg- From Berlin Ick Liebe Dir we got some love for Spooning, not the sexy kind, the fat ass kind. But we all love to be fat asses so shut down the hate. The deal is, cookie dough. That’s pretty much it. Check it out here.

Prenzlauer Berg- From Berliner Zeitung, a generally positive review for Bricole, the quasi anti-pasti/tapas sorta kinda joint. Hard to discern for a stupid American like Mr. Eatler what the fuck the critic was actually trying to say, but in case you read German better then Mr. E, maybe you can read that shit and explain what the fuck he is missing. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- Brasserie Collette got some love from Finding Berlin, and Finding Berlin is getting some love from Mr. Eatler (don’t tell Mrs. Eatler) because seldom is a restaurant rundown so eloquently turned as when the always tactful and artful Finding Berlin puts quill to folio. Chapeau to Finding Berlin and to Tim Raue for Collette. Check out the full post here.

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