Short List Of Restaurant Openings & Closings

November 30, 2017|Openings

A short one today for both openings and closings, we’ve got one joint in Char-burg and one in Moabit.

Charlottenburg– Yaz Up, a bistro and smoothie bar officially opened up this last week over in Char-burg. Serves breakfast, lunch, drinks and coffee as well as wholesomeness smoothies. Nice lookin’ cafe with cozy feel and some impressive looking sammies.

Neue Kantstr. 32

Moabit/Tiergarten- And one joint is up for grabs over in South Moabit, the midrange/highend joint Probier Mahl that deals mainly in fined dining traditional German cuisine. Its been around for 20 years and is seemingly without any hiccups. 4 g’s warm but it’s unclear what the key money is. Nevertheless the joint is free of debt and isn’t attached to any particular supplier so can theoretically just continue as is.

Dortmunder Straße 9


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