Job Search: Fine Dining, BBQ And Neighborhood Resto

November 28, 2017|Gossip

On the hunt: Its all good in the neighborhood but the job search is real for the Berlin gastronomers, we got one in Freddy, one in Mitte, and one in Wedding,… here goes:

Friedrichshain- Khwan is on the hunt for a few good grill masters as their operation grows to five days a week. This Berlin newcomer has been winning palate hearts for the past half year and seems to be moving in the right direction to continue onto many years of Thai grilling. Is a full resto. in the works? Well, if it is then they are looking for peeps.

Revaler Str. 99

Mitte- The Grand, resto and bar are looking for some peeps for service. The high end joint has been around for a while and the owner have a few other joints in town, so its a growing company, or at least adjacent to growing, if you are looking for longevity.

Hirtenstr. 4

Wedding- Fredericks, Bar and Resto up in Wedding is in desperate search for urgent help and back up for a couple days a week. The neighborhood joint which has been around for a couple of years was originally supposed to carry the name of the street shifted to Fredericks when they learned that the street name was of a colonialism era general. So, if you work for these people, they are sensitive to social issues. Nevertheless, don’t be fucking late.

Kameruner Str. 5



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