Restaurant Closings: Two In Kreuz & One In Willi

November 28, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown, we got two in Kreuz and one in Willi, seems to be a sad day for the cafe, and that ain’t no lie. Here it goes:

Wilmersdorf- Cocorico Cafe & Bistro, beautifully designed joint that’s been around for a relatively short amount of time is up for grabs. Cocorico opened up early this past summer and it looks as if their are family reasons why they are giving it up. Nice looking menu though, and apparently a regular clientele, it has room for about 15 seating spots. Unclear exactly how much they want for the joint, but there is no commission.

Brandenburgische Str. 73

Kreuzberg- Gelateria Tosoni, and ice cream cafe down in Kreuz is up for grabs. It has been around since at least 2015 and the owner wants out of the store and the company. Apparantly there was some water damage on the floor and it’s being repaired right now, so the joint is closed until January. About 2 grand a month, unclear what the key money is.

Planufer 92a

Kreuzberg- Caffé Degli Artisti, joint that has had different type of artistic events, from exhibitions to concerts and plays host to the family style hood that surrounds it, is up for grabs. Small cafe, available for take over at 25 grand key money and a modest rent. Has been around for at least five years, so regulars are part of the package.

Fidicinstrasse 44


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