Restaurant Openings: Vegan Sausage, Peaceful Cookies & More

November 27, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown: Vegan and veggie game is coming in strong but the sushi and the peaceful cookie contingent represent mightily in today’s rundown. Here it goes:

Wilmersdorf- Sushi 93, mid range make joint doing both in house sushi on the bar and take away is opening a second location over by the western tip of KuDamm. They have had a joint down in Neukölln for a while now so it seem that its time to be ‘movin’ on up’ as the saying goes. Looks like December 1st will be the big day.


Schöneberg- Kojiteri, vegan deli hooking the Schöneberg populace with vegan fermented cheese and meat alternatives, and also few traditionally fermented Japanese products, is opening up a joint in December. They’v been running the softy for some family and friends but it looks as if the big day is upon us as business hours are already posted. So if you need to get that non-goat goat chevre, which roughly translates to non-goat goat goat, you know which yellow brick road to follow.

Hohenstaufenstr 39

Prenzlauer Berg- Also in the veggie vein is Die Vetzgerei, a new veggie butcher shop that had its official opening this past weekend. So seitan, hemp, tofu and love seem to be the main ingredients that this butcher slaughters into bitesize portions of sausage love. No animals were harmed in the making of this production.

Raumerstraße 36

Schöneberg- An Israeli and Palestinian open a cookie shop in a Lebanese Spice Traders joint… no it’s not the beginning of a joke. Indeed reality is stranger than fiction as the Israeli/Palestinian joint Kanaan and Cookies and Co. are doing a pop up at Harb Trading, a Lebanese company that trades in Middle Eastern spices, wines and more. The pop up is happening Dec. 1-2, but perhaps there will be a more permanent home for this peaceful paradigm? More to come on this joint as things become clear.

Potsdamer Straße 93

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