Craziness, Bacon, & T-Bones, The Events Of The Week!!

November 27, 2017|Events

Events of the week, the holiday season is kicking off with craziness, bacon, and dancing. What more can you ask for. Here is the rundown

Neukölln- Tacos Locos, Spanish for “crazy tacos” in case you hadn’t heard, is doing a pop up over at Board’eau where they will be serving up some craziness indeed. The quasi board shop and cafe has been opening up only for special events as of late and who could argue the validity of crazy tacos within that particular category? Check out the event here. 

Neukölln- Papilles/Ormus are holding a pop up dinner later this week to introduce the concept of their new joint that is penned to be making its grand Berlin entrance later this winter if the restaurant gods are willing. Five course menu at 65 bucks, aged pork T-bone with pumpkin steamed in bacon fat and green sauce… um… fuckin’ yum. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- Benedict, the Israeli joint over by KuDamm is holding a Bacon & Beats event which sounds naturally appealing even if not terribly kosher. There will be a live DJ spinning 90s hits, so get ready to have a traef filled affair while not dancing the horrah. And believe Mr. Eatler when he tells you, nothing is more difficult than eating bacon while dancing the horrah. Check out the event here

Kreuzberg- Its a very BRLO Christmas, as the Brwhouse gears up to host their first Christmas market. There’ll be beer, there’ll be a photo booth, there’ll be candy, there’ll be sausages and that is just what happens in the photo booth. Should be a holly jolly time all around Check out the event here

Kreuzberg- Former Dottir Sous Chef will host a pop up later this week over at the Reform kitchen supply house and will serve a dinner based on and aptly titles as “A Walk In The Woods” Naturally this will be a nature filled menu, of nordic cuisine, an homage to hunting and foraging, offering a night of escape from city life through a reconnection with nature. Very metaphysical, check it out here



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