Five Of The Best Brunches In Berlin, Midweek Mitte Edition

November 27, 2017|Reviews

 The weekend rush is sickening when you need to go have some brunch, especially if you are in the state of perpetual hangover as Mr. Eatler has found himself from time to time. So would a solution be to heed the call of the better angels of our nature, or simply to go have a midweek brunch instead? Midweek brunch wins by a mile. Here are five of the best brunches in Berlin Mitte.

Best brunches in Berlin – Midweek Mitte Edition

Zimmt Und Zucker

Zimmt & Zucker

Zimt & Zucker– If you’re a hipster on the brunch hunt and find yourself in need of ironic mismatching dining room furniture, mellow lighting and a pretty solid brunch, Z&Z is a good option, also its by the river incase the hangover has created some mild nausea. But beware if your morning hangover starts at around noon, because Zimt starts to get busy with the lunch crowd.

  • Pros: Waffles, Croques, Coffee all pretty solid.
  • Cons: Don’t piss of your waitress you bad bad boy!

Schiffbauerdamm 12



Einstein- For the more classy, upper crust crowd, music free sort of weekday hangover helper. The kind that will have you saying, “well, if one must dine in Mitte, they may as well dine on a table cloth.” Einstein may as well be the place for you. Midweek mornings are a good quiet bet accompanied by the more traditional Berlin breakfast fare.

  • Pros: Eggs Benedict, but ask for the old version, on the butter toast.  Also, if you need to extend into lunch and dinner, you’re in good hands.
  • Cons: Listen… Listen… do you hear that? It’s you and your soul and no music, and the occasional group of tourists.

Unter den Linden 42



Commonground-  The lobby joint at the base of the Circus Hotel is the latest in a long history of evolution of Rosenthaler Platz. Besides crushing the Avocado toast game this relatively new joint has been winning hearts around the melange of people traversing the area, from techies traveling to their co-working spaces, or tourists staying at the hotel. Weekday mornings are pretty secure for hangover nursing.

  • Pros: Coffee is a particular highlight of the place. It’s Rosenthaler Platz so… Good for people watching and good for the “see and be seen” sort of crowd
  • Cons: Hipsters, tourists, Rosenthaler Platz… see and be seen… narrower menu lacking some of the heavy hitting brunch favorites…

Rosenthaler Str. 1

Distrikt Coffee

Distrikt Coffee

Distrikt Coffee- A speciality coffee shop, solving the brunch issue with locally and internationally roasted beans and features a full day breakfast and lunch menu, that will perfectly suit a midweek brunch hankering.

  • Pros:We’re talking pancakes, bacon, eggs.. and if you want to feel a little better about your self, there is of course, freshly made juice or tea for those so sociopaths inclined.
  • Cons: A little bit pricey, but only a little bit… shut up and eat your goddamn granola!

Bergstrasse 68

House Of Small Wonder

House Of Small Wonder

House Of Small Wonder- Yes, the famous staircase of Instagram fame, House Of Small Wonder is known for its foyer but also for its American/Japanese inspired brunches, like Eggs Benedict w/ Wasabi Hollandaise. Mid-week mornings are a pretty safe bet for a relaxing hangover breakfast.

  • Pros: Kickass food, good service, nice atmosphere
  • Cons: Tourists, selfies, instagram, human beings being all humany and stuff

Johannisstr. 20

Mr. Eatler Knows

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  1. Hi,
    great article but it’s a little misleading… It’s not Einstein Cafe.
    There’s an ongoing battle in the city with this name… the original one is in Charlottenburg called “Cafe Einstein” and the widespread chain is “Einstein Kaffee”. The one on Unter den Linden is simply “Einstein”.


    1. thanks for the heads up!

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