Restaurant Openings: Re-Openings And Reminders

November 24, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown: Re-openings, Re-minders, and Re-Announcers… oh my!

Kreuzberg- Le Canape Rouge, a joint that had been open for about a year and had been closed for a bit are celebrating a re-opening this weekend. Unclear exactly what happened, if the joint changed hands or if it was an extended vacation, but the concept doesn’t look too far from the original, so for all the francophiles, that means French lovers, your beloved Canape Rouge is ready for you.

update: so the deal is the joint is owned by a French couple and the menu is changing, all the products are now coming from France, and the opening event is going to be a kicker of sorts.

Friesenstr. 26

and just to remind you, coming up tomorrow:

Neukölln- Rødder berlin, Danish joint doing nordic food  located in Markthalle Neun is making that opening party happen tomorrow and are celebrating by handing out cider to the first hundred peeps. Word is that you have to keep an eye out for that good pulled pork sandwich.

Eisenbahn Straße 42

and in latest news:

Charlottenburg- Bikini Berlin, the ever growing food court of the fancy shmancy mall over by Zoologischer Garten has declared an official opening, to be Winter 2017/2018, which is now. So why make the announcement that you will open now, and not just announce when you actually open? Oh Public Relations teasers seem to have won the day once more. Nevertheless the food court will have some members who are already well known in Berlin like the taco joint Chaparro Cucina, Sons Of Mana from the same crew over at Royals & Rice and Djimalaya the Israeli joint over in Mitte, are apparently committed to the new venue.

Budapester Str. 38-50


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