Top-Critic Stands Up For Michelin Snubbed Joint

November 22, 2017|Gossip

As the hullabaloo has died down since last week’s announcement of Berlin’s new Michelin stars, so have the dissenting voices made themselves heard. Not in admonition of the recipients, but in the lack of recognition for deserving restaurants. Namely today, Glass, the fine dining molecular cuisine joint headed by Head Chef Gal Ben Moshe, was lauded by the stentorian top-critic Bern Matthies. Matthies says:

A Big Michelin negligence: the missing star for the Berlin “Glass”. Gal Ben-Moshe has turned into a fascinating neo-Middle East Kitchen in the last two years, which is virtually no one else does. -Bernd Matthies (translated)

Kudos to Glass for the underdog respect, and kudos to Matthies for stickin’ it to the man, which man you ask, why the Mothuh Fukin’ Michelin Man! Check out his ful mention here


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