Restaurant Opening: Suspicious Geo Tag For Former Schwein

November 21, 2017|Gossip

Mitte- Slate, the joint that opened up in the same location as one of this years greatest break out stars, Schwein, has started getting soma attention from the press after their first days of operation. It is however a little bit awkward that Slate’s instagram geo-tag is still labeled under the restaurant name Schwein. Suspicious.

Naturally this could’ve been something that was innocently overlooked, so no pointed fingers but this may also raise eyebrows considering that there was an uneasy parting between the Schwein crew and some of the powers that be over at Slate, which bears a striking resemblance to its forbearer.

Nevertheless Schwein is set to re-open in Charlottenburg in a few months headed by head chef Chris Kümper and all but one of the original Schwein crew members. Who is the one missing member? Why the former Schwein GM and current owner of Slate. Suspect…

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