Restaurant Closing: Pizzas & Burgers OH NO!!!!

November 21, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown, we got two on the list for today, pizzas and burgers seem to be on the outs. In the words of Donald Trump: “SAD”

Prenzlauer Berg- Pizzaria alla Grande, pizza joint/gelateria up in Prenz is up for grabs due to some relocation, presumably not of the resto. but the owner, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast if Alla Grande pops up elsewhere in town. 1200 a month, been around for at least five years but maybe longer.

Lettestr 9

Schöneberg- SchöneBurger, burger joint off of Nollendorf Platz is up for grabs. Unclear what the deal with the joint is but its available at about 2200 a month with brand new equipment an extension to start a pizza delivery joint as well. Not much by way of social media with Schöne Burger but the street itself is a high volume pedestrian thoroughfare so a good opportunity.

Goltzstr. 24,



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  1. Talking about closings… Just heard “Bosco” in Xberg has closed. Any news on what’s next for the guys of “Da Baffi” fame?

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