The Best BBQ Berlin Has To Offer: Top Five

November 21, 2017|Reviews

Top Five – BBQ Berlin

There is a reason family reunions all happen around the BBQ, because the BBQ is a place of love an harmony, and it is also the worlds only solution so far for world peace. So if you just need to get to that peaceful place with that sister who stole your girlfriend, Here is Eatler’s list of Berlin’s Top Five BBQ Joints.

Chicago Williams

Chicago Williams

Mitte- Chicago Williams, Berlin’s favorite BBQ joint holds the top title with honour. We’re talking about lots of meat, lots of booze and a take it easy attitude that makes it a fun to hang.

  • Pros: Full racks of ribs, pulled mo’fo pork, no salad
  • Cons: Your gunna get messy as fuck

Hannoverschestraße 2



Friedrichshain- Khwan, the most popular new comer of the year happens to be a kickass BBQ joint that just continues to win love for their Thai BBQ stylings that hold unique and fresh takes on the classic BBQ.

  • Pros: Mr. E’s Never been to the Land of Thai, but original Thai BBQ with freshness
  • Cons: Vent system leaves you saying: what’s that funk?

Revaler Str. 99



Moabit/Charlottenburg- Pignut, one location at KaDeWe, one at Arminius. For that true Alabamian style BBQ with a down South feel of bites and sweets, this is the Forest Gump of Berlin BBQ, except, unlike that box of chocolates you always know what you’re gunna get.

  • Pros: True representation of Alabama style BBQ, Yummy, get in my belly pork,
  • Cons: Fancy shmancy food courts, watch out for the rough necks.

 Arminiusstr. 2

The Pit

The Pit

Kreuzberg- The Pit, a Texan style BBQ joint that had its roots in the pop-up trajectory opened up a joint in late 2015 at the hands of a techie turned Pit Master bringing a home style Texan BBQ to Berlin.

  • Pros: Smokey, salty Texas style beef & pork, uhhhnnnn!
  • Cons: A little on the pricey side.

Schlesische Str. 19



Kreuzberg- Fes, Turkish BBQ has been around for almost four years and if offers more of an in depth grilling Turkish dining experience with all the fun of a hibachi grill family friendly outing.

  • Pros: Grill your own food, MAN, MASTER OF GRILL! Make meat, eat lots!
  • Cons: Who hasn’t wanted to get an Eau-De-Döner scent up on them?

Hasenheide 58

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  1. grammar? Who hasn’t wanted to get an Eau-De-Döner scent up on them?

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