Restaurant Openings: Soup Joint & Cafe Repeat

November 20, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown: we got two on the docket for today, one soup joint and one cafe repeat…

Kreuzberg- SuppeStanz soup joint opened up yesterday offering that good warm soup just in time for that nasty ass winter weather to hit Berlin up side the head. Besides the cosiness and the stews they got homemade waffles, cakes and lets not forget, they got some booze too, and nothing cuts that cold weather like waffles and booze.

Marheinekeplatz 15

Wedding- Last week Eatler mentioned, but its important to re-emphasise:  SPAZIO cafe opening up next week with an opening event has been in the softy for a few weeks but that time has come. They got coffee, the got croissants, and they got lasagna amongst other Italian specialities. So make it happen. Just look at that fucking picture! Are you kidding, eye fuck that for a while and then go hit up SPAZIO face it!

Torfstrasse 15



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