Restaurant Reviews: Mitte’s Got The Meats… & Pierogis

November 17, 2017|Reviews

Reviews of the day, all in Mitte with the meats… we got one from Cee Cee, and one from Creme… here it goes:

Mitte- Tak Tak Polish Deli got much love from Cee Cee who were naturally happy about the pierogies, that Polish hot pocket of pleasure. And this review wasn’t a shit show like some reviewers who were unhappy with Tak Tak’s wine selection, we’re talking to you Hormann… yeah, its a pierogi shop mo’fo… all homemade, all awesome. Check out the full post here. 

Brunnenstr. 5

Mitte- Restaurant La Maison de l’Entrecote got a good write up from Creme with their very stylish eye and much love for “the meats”. On the docket was a killer filet, some potatoes, some spinach and more all done and ready to pay the lunch time bill within 45 min. Check out the full post here.

Bernhard-Weiß-Straße 5



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