Restaurant Openings: Imminent Cafe, Slow Burner In Char-burg

November 17, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown- We got one imminent joint and one slow burner coming up.

Wedding- SPAZIO cafe opening up next week with an opening event has been in the softy for a few weeks but that time has come. They got coffee, the got croissants, and they got lasagna amongst other Italian specialities. Its also seemingly a performance location, record store and a bunch of other stuff, but guys, they’ve got lasagna, and coffee and croissants. So go check them out next week and give a gander to all of the other stuff while you’re at it.

Torfstrasse 15

Charlottenburg- for the slow burner we got a bit on an exciting up and comer that is also a veteran of the Berlin gastro scene. Thats right we are talking about Sons Of Mana, the sibling joint from the same crew behind Rice & Royals, Qua Phe and more. Sons Of Mana is gearing up for an opening in the new year and seems to be the arrival of a Hawaiian trend that has been peculating over the last year or so.  Unclear if they will be opening in Bikini Berlin or if they are only doing a some events over there for now, but Mr. Eatler will keep you apprised of the Sons of Mana news.


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