Restaurant Closings: Prenz, Mitte, & A RePeater

November 16, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown- we got a few for the day, one in Prenz, one in Mitte, and one on repeater over in Schöneberg. Here goes:

Prenzlauer Berg- Mr. Croissant Bakery over in Prenz is up for grabs and seeing as how its on the main thourough fare it holds some potential for the next propriater. 2.5 grand a month, 150 grand to take over the whole inventory, which is a full stack bakery, ovens, freezers etc…

Prenzlauer Allee 172

Mitte- Croissanterie Rimatee, small cafe over at the Sony Center in Potsdamer Platz is up for grabs. Warm monthly rent is around 500 bucks for the small cafe, but considering 20,000 peeps a day casually stroll through the joint, its definitely worth considering. Shit, even Mr. Eatler is considering.

Potsdamer Platz 2

Schöneberg- Cafe Des Artistes, famous “who’s who” sorta joint is back up on the boards and is still up for grabs. They’re at about 1800 bucks a month, fully furnished and ready to go. Unclear what the key money is, but there is definitely a purchase price.

Fuggerstrasse 35



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  1. Café des Artistes – Tragic. First the restaurant went; they tried to be a fancy restaurant but the food was expensive and not all that good, and then were absorbed by the Jewish joint next door. Then the cocktail bar, which was actually very good for a time, was sold and renamed to “Tristan Stadtbar” and has now finally closed and is up for sale.

    So I suspect the previous listing on here was for the restaurant (which was aptly renamed to Isolde for a brief period of time but never got to open)

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