Restaurant Openings: Neukölln Wins The Rundown Today

November 16, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown- We got a two different joints on the rundown today and Neukölln is the winner… here it goes

Neukölln- Evie’s Beans, coffee joint cum resident mocha maker that has for a while called  Mitte home in collaboration with another establishment has moved down to Neukölln and teamed up with a wine shop. They opened, or rather re-opened about two weeks ago and had an event last weekend but are going to have one coming up next week as well. The concept is coffee, and coffee cocktails, so lets face it, its fucking awesome.

Weserstrasse 189

Kreuz/Kölln- Egg Kneipe, new egg joint that had been under construction for a bit opened up about two weeks ago and are slinging that incredible edible egg we all have come to know and love. Which makes you think, why are eggs considered breakfast anyway? Go to Egg Kneipe and have a late lunch, break the social norms, live a little. The place looks pretty cool.

Kottbusser Damm 1


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