Restaurant Reviews: Social Consciousness And French Toast

November 15, 2017|Reviews

Reviews Of The Day, we got love in Mitte, in Kreuz, and in Prenz. Along with some social consciousness to top it all off… and don’t we all know how much Mr. Eatler loves social consciousness when it comes to food… so much… so yeah…

Mitte- Lawrence, the Syrian, Lebanese joint that opened up a few months ago in the well populated area of Oranienburgertor and Tucholsky Str got some serious love from Berliner Zeitung who seems to be a glorious fan of the “human element” as they put it. For Berliner Zeitung It is of paramount importance that the resto. holds a solid social consciousness standing besides being a yummy joint. Yummy food is great, and as for social consciousness, yummy food is great. Check out the full post here

Kreuzberg- Nudo & Bunsmobile, the short term conglomerated joint of the bun food truck that hitched up with an Italian joint got much love from Stil In Berlin who celebrated a birthday in the joint with some killer Bun French toast… They are Nudo Buns for the next couple of weeks. Check out the full post here.

Prenzlauer Berg- Nauta, the Peruvian/Japanese joint got much love from NOMY who did a thourough job disecting the history of the creators and of the menu. Interesting review, check it out here


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