Restaurant Opening: A Clean Slate For New Restaurant?

November 14, 2017|Openings

Mitte- Slate Restaurant, a new joint opening up in the next couple of days in the same location as one of last year’s hottest joints, Schwein, is starting off with a clean Slate. Or so it would seem?!? Giving a gander to the menu and the layout of the place, it looks as though it’s only a slightly revised version of the original Schwein, which has been making its way westward-ho since head chef Chris Kümper took his crew over to Charlottenburg to open a new joint.

Word on the street is that there was a landlord issue at the Mitte location and Schwein was unceremoniously absconded of their resto, in the hopes of creating something else in the location. Slate Restaurant is that something, it appears.

The quote on Slate’s social media is as follows:

“The inspiration for this story began several years ago when three young colleagues at the legendary Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin vowed to one day manage and co-own their own destination, fine dining restaurant in Germany’s capital city. SLATE Berlin is the culmination of that dream.”

Wait a moment, could it be that Schwein’s former GM, former Hotel employee is now one of the three dreaming co-owners of Slate Restaurant? Indeed it is so… along with an Adlon-ian Chef compatriot as a cohort. Given that the whole of the Schwein team has uprooted with the exception of only the general manager, who so happens to be the inheritor of the established resto space. One might ponder upon the notion that there may have been some treachery afoot?

Whatever the case, they’re going to be opening on the 16th so go check it out and live the dream.

Elisabethkirchstraße 2

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