Restaurant Openings: Converted Kneipes, Mediterranean & More

November 14, 2017|Openings

Openings rundown, converted kneipes, kneipe kneipes, and Mediterranean. We got three, two in Neukölln, and one in Schöneberg.

Schöneberg- Tramuntana Bar & Restaurant opened up recently in the same spot that used to house Martha’s. Unclear exactly what genre we are dealing with here as media is thin, but solely judging by the name it could be Spanish or Mediterranean… sorry guys, Mr. Eatler will supply more info as it comes in.

Grunewaldstr. 81

Neukölln- UnvermietBar, a joint opening up later this week serving up hot soup and cold beer and caters to an antiglobalistic sort of crew is having an opening bash later this week. Check it out here

Friedlestr. 54

Neukölln- And the Gastropub trend is alive and well as we have the opening of Tisk coming up in a secret location, but don’t worry, Mr. Eatler will let you know when its cool to let you know. So whats the deal, Tisk is a Speiskneipe, so in other words a gastropub, claiming to do highend food in the fun of a Berlin Kneipe, bravo to Tisk. Don’t like Gastropubs, Tisk Tisk Mothuhfuckuh… Lets continue the trend with a campaign “A Kitchen For Every Kneipe!”



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