Restaurant Closing: Gone Not Forgotten, Forgotten Not Gone

November 14, 2017|Openings

Closings rundown, we got two in Char-burg, and one in Schöneberg, either gone or looking to move on.

Schöneberg- Martha’s Berlin, fine casual dining joint that had a two year run shut down for renovations a couple of months ago and hasn’t come back, unless it belongs to the owner of the new Tramuntana Restaurant that now stands in its place. Unclear exactly what the deal is with either Martha’s or Tramuntana, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast of new developments.

Grunewaldstr. 81

Charlottenburg- Restaurant Portofino, veteran fine dining, white table cloth joint, in place since 1964 is up for grabs. Unclear what are the reasons behind this bad boy but given the longevity of the joint its clear that it has legs. On the steep side with 7,700 grand but it is steps off of

KuDamm. Kantstr. 63

Charlottenburg– Basilico, Italian casual dining joint off of KuDamm on the popular Uhlandstr. is looking for that special person to take charge of the contract. 4 grand rental price, but unclear what the key money is.

Uhlandstrasse 29


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