Restaurant Closings: Prenz. Darts Kneipe, Freddy Indian Joint

November 13, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown– We got two for today, one in Friedrichshain, and one in darts afficianado Prenz.

Prenzlauer Berg– Bar Zur Alternative, kneipe-esque joint on Bornhollmer is up for grabs. Fully equipped, but its unclear what the key money is. Rent is 1650 a month with a 3600 deposit. The bar itself if called bar for the alternative. But mainly what can be ascertained about this joint is that they love playing darts, and how alternative is that really? Darts are pretty mains stream and as main stream things go, Darts are pretty fucking awesome too. Dangerous if you’ve been drinking too much, but exponentially more exciting.

Bornholmer Straße 79,

Friedrichshain- Akash Indian joint located off Boxhagener Platz is up for grabs with the full resto in tact. Heavy key money at around 65 grand and rent at around 3 grand. Pretty steep but then again Freddy has been in a pubescent phase over the last year, so there is potential. This joint has been up on the boards for a while, so perhaps the high key money is the problem, because all the other stats seem to make sense.

Grünberger Str. 33


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