Restaurant Openings: Different Genres Everywhere, Plus Highly Anticipated Gastropub

November 10, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown- We got one in Kreuzberg, one in Neukölln and one in Charlottenburg of three different genres and some exciting trends. Here it goes:

Kreuzberg- Wagner Cocktail Bistro is hardening into the official opening after a few weeks in the Softy. The joint brought to you by the same cast of characters behind Industry Standard are opening this weekend and are further reinforcing the Gastropub trend by serving up an exotic looking menu with some heart and some designer cocktails:

  • Caramelized nuts in Tandoori Masala
  • Smoked fries with beetroot ketchup
  • Oysters
  • Cod croquettes
  • Crunchy pork terrine
  • Burrata, plums and pata negra
  • Confit eggplant
  • Tuna with roasted bell pepper and rice chicharrón
  • Black pudding dim sum
  • Veal head crostini
  • Chestnut fondant and Chantilly

Paul Linke-Ufer 22

Neukölln- Sushi Yana, officially moving into chain territory with their third location that they opened last month. They are flanking the city and perhaps strategically planning to move inside as all three joints are in the edges of Berlin’s city center it seems. Who knows, maybe quality western style sushi will become a Berlin trend.

Flughafenstr. 76

Charlottenburg- Picolo Royal Luxury Lounge opened up earlier last month and Mr. Eatler missed it. Looks more like members only gentleman’s club sort of joint than a straight foward lounge, but nevertheless, they’re here. Oddly enough they have a very similar name to another Royal. Petit Royal, little sister of Grill Royal might have something to say about that. But hey, you don’t own the name Royal just because, so back off Grill family!

Georg-Wilhelm-Straße 4

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