The Drive By: Yogurt, Fried Chicken, & Burgers… Amen

November 10, 2017|Reviews

The Drive By! We got sweets, we got eats and we got more eats! That’s right, here are some of Berlin’s most specialized mobile kitchens serving some kickass chow, and sometimes even…. wait for it… Fried Chicken! Here it goes:

Mr. Whippy Frozen Yogurt TruckCuz that old Ice Cream truck just doesn’t cut it when you’re in the Frozen Yogurt game. Just because we are heading into winter it doesn’t mean you should neglect the frozen delights, after all, in the winter they melt slower. Lets cross our fingers that we get to see Mr. Whippy this winter, because the frozen yogurt fans are more like fanatics claiming that it is the greatest frozen yogurt they’ve had in their lives.

Burger de Ville- This slick vintage style Airstream food truck slings burger from multiple cities and outposts however it calls itself, “The Berlin Joint” They’ve been grilling hard since 2012 and are known for the luscious sandwich and can be spotted in some of Berlin’s biggest events and most popular intersections.

Butter Bronson’sWith a name like Butter Bronson’s you can expect the awesomeness of butter, and the kick ass power of the world’s greatest action star, the original, Charles Bronson! And yes, are winning love left and right as they are famous for their Award-winning Deep Fried Buttermilk Chicken Burgers. “Winners of the North German European street food awards 2017”



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