Restaurant Closings: Culinary Epicenter Is The Loser Today

November 10, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown- It seems to be a sad day for Friedrichshain, We’ve got two fare-thee-wells from the eastern cousin who seems to be an epicenter of culinary adventurism these days. Here it goes.

FriedrichshainFRENC Heartcrafted Goods, a joint pairing craft beer with crepes open for about three years had its joint up for grabs earlier this summer, but put the ad for the joint back up. It was originally run by the Superfreunde microbrewery, but its unclear if they are still the owners or if there is a new owner trying to unload it.

Niederbarnimstr. 16

Friedrichshain Curryhain, a vegan currywurst joint is looking to offload the joint which has had a loyal following since it opened about a year ago. Unclear why they are throwing in the towel but its all up for grabs for 120 grand key money. Its over in the well populated region of Freddy, off of Boxhagener Platz.

Wühlischstraße 40/41


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  1. Culinary epicenter? I always thought of F’hain as a culinary desert, i. e. A place to visit at day or nighttime but to steer clear of whenever lunch or dinner time approach.

    1. good point, but because of the sparse array of culinary destinations a lot of joints have made a go of it over there…

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