Top Ten: Awesome Berlin’s Top Coffee Shop/Bookstores

November 9, 2017|Reviews

For months we’ve been hearing about “winter is coming” and so on, and frankly, who wants to hear that juvenile shit anymore anyway? Let Mr. Eatler affirm, winter is here. Yes the whether hath turned and so what is a person to do with their free time in this winter wonder land, if you take wonder to mean “I wonder what the fuck I should eat.” When you do concoct a plan to leave your apartment in order to avoid a Jack Nicholson-ian breakdown a la The Shining, why not take a trip to that cozy cafe that doubles as a bookstore?

Fortunately Awesome Berlin recently rounded up their top picks for this best kind of concept store. Who made the cut? Here are just a few of the fountains of knowledge and coffee:

  • Handbestand in Prenzlauer Berg,
  • Dussmann on Friedrichstraße in Mitte.

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