Restaurant Closings: Beloved Neighborhood Cafe & More

November 9, 2017|Openings

Closing rundown- A children’s art studio and cafe, beloved neighborhood joint, and a co working spot. One in Neukölln, one in Köpenick, and one in Charlottenburg.

NeuköllnDer Malfisch, a children’s art studio and cafe on Fuldastraße in Neukölln is closing up shop due to personal reasons. The 48 square meters joint was completely renovated two years ago with the hopes of creating one of the nicest children cafes in Berlin. It’s clear how much the owners love this space so it’s sad to see this one go.    

Fuldastraße 42 

KöpenickBett Coworking, a cafe, co-working space and living space for 5 people on Wilhelminenhofstr. in Köpenick has listed their cafe for rent. The entire project is located inside of a 100 year old brewery and all rooms are separate from each other but still close together. The Cafe, which fits about 30 people, is already outfitted and located in a gated backyard in Berlin Schöneweide. The area sees decent traffic, as the BETT project is well known in the area and HTW’s campus is located 10 minutes away. The distance may be a slight turn off to some people. But with Fhain, Neukölln and Kreuzberg just 20 min. away, it’s really not that far from it all. Besides, everyone here is too spoiled with travel times. And it’s not like BETT is in Brandenburg.       

Wilhelminenhofstraße 19,  

Charlotteburg- Dea I Dino, beloved neighborhood cafe, playing host to the various Char-Burgers from the maternal, to the hipster has decided to move on. They had a closing party last week and but assure the clientele that the location will continue on as a cafe and become an insurance office or even more exotic, a hardware store.  Lets see what comes up for the location next.

Wundtstraße 15

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