The Yelpies: Troll Avenger Suffers No Fools!!

November 8, 2017|Gossip

You’ve heard the saying, everybody’s a critic, well in today’s day and age, what with Trip Advisor, Yelp, Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook and MySpace (for good measure) everybody literally is a fucking critic. Some restaurateurs choose to nobly ignore the sometimes ridiculous commentary of the troll realm, while others fight back vigorously as we’ve all seen in the case of Attila Hildmann. But trolls and critics beware, the Troll Avengers are making their internet presence known, and they do not suffer any fools. Its always nice when the Troll Avenger has got your back and fights the good fight for you!

In todays bonus edition of “The Yelpies” we have House Of Small Wonder, the hidden cafe famous for its majestic staircase, and sometimes long weekend waits. After receiving a small number of moderately silly but scathing citizen criticisms, this particular Troll Avenger came to House Of Small Wonder’s defence. Here is some of the discourse.

A few of the sharp tongued scribe’s retorts:

  • Katta Mikesch Well, credit card payment is no daily practice in Germany. “Sneaky” my ass. No reason to take stars off, girl.
  • Katta Mikesch I’m sure I will! I’ve been working in the service industry long enough to know when someone makes an effort, and this place looks and sounds like it. Having looked at the website in advance, I also know exactly which prices will be expected and that I gotta bring enough money for that Japanese NY experience in the center of Berlin, which, to me, is “special” enough. But hey, that’s just my taste.

Another plebeian critic of sorts:

To this there was just one short response:

  • Katta Mikesch “I got a great pic for instagram and still only gave 1 star, because they dared having house rules and not giving them up for my group! Yay to me, I’m bitch no. 1!”

At first this all came across as the acts of an in house shill, but after follow up with the cafe it seems that this is indeed an independent concerned crusader.

Mr. Eatler salutes those who suffer no fools!

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