Restaurant Reviews: Hummus, French, & Indian Get The Love

November 8, 2017|Reviews

Here are the reviews of the day, we got one in Kreuzberg, and two in Neukölln, from Indian, to French, to Hummus… yes, Hummus should be a nation unto itself, and it should always be capitalized.

Neukölln- First up, we have ceecee with their review of Akroum Snack in Neukölln. Ceecee are big fans of this middle eastern restaurant which they find to be a departure from the usual fast food döner, falafel or dry schawarma. Akroum Snack also features traditional Syrian and Lebanese breakfast and ceecee recommends you try the Msabaha, a spicy hummus variation. You know, rock in the Msabaha… damn you if you don’t get the refference. 

Sonnenallee 45, 

Neukölln- Next up, we have In Search Of with their review of Papilles, a joint serving up french brunch in Neukölln. Both Nora and Sophia are big fans, even going so far as to claim this place has the best breakfast in all of Neukölln. They are also love the cozy setting, comparing it to a living room at a friend’s. Just take note – the prices here are not cheap and get more expensive (as the dishes get smaller) in the evening. Vegetarians and vegans also might have a bit hard time here. That being said they were able to find something, stating: Gute Restaurants erkennt man immer daran, wenn auch der Veganer noch spontan kulinarisch glücklich gemacht werden kann. (Good restaurants are always recognizable, even if the vegan can still be made spontaneously culinary happy.)

Flughafenstrasse 25 

Kreuzberg- Lastly, we have Berlin Loves You with their review of Moksa, an indian restaurant near Karl Marx Strasse calling the joint the first place to modernize Indian cuisine here in the city with an “uncompromising and unflinching view on how Indian food should be made from start to finish.” Berlin Loves You feels it all comes down to the spices that chef and proprietor Zed Marke has at his disposal that has really set this place apart. Oh, and apparently Moksa can scientifically prove their tandoori chicken, which marinates for three weeks, is the best in the world.    

Kienitzer Str. 22

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