Berlin Brunch: Three Weekend Brunches To Hit Up

November 7, 2017|Events

So the weekend is coming up and you got that weekend brunch money burning a hole in your pocket so you gotta plan that good weekend facing. We got three good ones from three different sorts brunch varieties, encompasing that sexy dionysian brunch, the beloved pancake brunch and the classic fancy shmancy brunch. Here it goes:

First up in Kreuzberg- We got the Dionysian Brunch hosted by JaJa, the natural wine purveyor. Fair to say they might have some booze involved in this brunch game, they do sell wine and Dionyus was the god of wine and sexiness after all.

Next up in Kreuzberg- We got the Buns and Nudo’s Brunch, which sounds alot sexier than the Dionysian one, but its not those kinds of buns and not those kinds of nudos. Nevertheless for some classic brunch fair with a modern looking twist, this might get it done.

Next up in Friedrichsahin– We got that, “I’m not fuckin’ around” Brunch called Brunchette, being hosted by Dinette. They got that eggs bendict, they got that bacon, they got that avocado. They are not fuckin’ around with the brunch game.


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