Restaurant Openings: Prenz, Willi, & Bonus- Pregnancy Report

November 7, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown, we got one in Prenz and one in Willi… plus a bonus Tip Line pregnancy report.

Prenzlauer BergKreuz + Kümmel, a bistro and event space located in Winsviertel on Christburger Straße, opened up this summer and were recently featured by Prinz Berlin. The bistro serves up European food with an Indian touch. Further confirmation that this whole intercultural thing is really happening at the moment.

Christburger Straße 13

WilmersdorfGalilee Restaurant, a joint serving “fusion/gourmet cuisine based on Palestinian traditional kitchen” thats serves both vegan and meat dishes opened up about a month ago. They are doing the whole gamut of breakfast, lunch, dinner in the casual Mediterranean vein and seem to have some of the standard dishes on the menu. Unclear exactly what the fusion part is, but it does look like they have some meat stew looking things, so perhaps that is the non Mediterranean sort of thing. 

Uhlandstraße 142

And, direct from the Tip Line, a pregnancy report… (thats a restaurant under construction)

Prenzlauer Berg- Looks like there is a new joint in gestation where the old Esperanza Restaurant used to be, they just put up a big ass sign, Ari’s Diner… which looks like a legit Upper East Side NY diner, except they are also serving Döner. On the other hand, every NY diner serves everything else, so why not Döner too? Lets keep an eye on this one.

Danzigerstr. 3


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