Restaurant Closings: A Ghost, A Dutchman, & Composer

November 7, 2017|Openings

Here we are with the closings rundown. We got one in Weisensee, one in Char-burg, and one in Neukölln. One Kneipe, one find dining, and one ghost kitchen. Here it goes

WeisenseeRestaurant Sarkis, regional cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean up in the composers quarter, is up for grabs. A residential area for sure, but Sarkis claims to have a loyal fan base. They’ve been around since at least 2010, but perhaps even longer, so it could be that the contract is up. Whatever the case, the joint is up for grabs with inventory and all. Its 40 grand key money, and something like 1500 a month warm. 

Gürtelstraße 10 

CharlottenburgDer Fliegender Hollander, a pub just off Richard Wagner Platz, while aptly named considering the location, is up for grabs. Pretty straight forward kneipe here folks except it has a kitchen. A residential sorta kitchen but a kitchen nonetheless. Any body up for making a legit gastropub, here is a potential joint and its right off the busiest pedestrian street in Char-burg, Wilmersdorferstr. 

Thrasoltstr. 7-9

Neukölln– A production kitchen for catering with storage room is up for grabs on Sonnenallee in Neukölln. With ghost restaurants currently becoming a thing, spaces like this are bound to become more and more popular by the minute 

Sonnenallee 260 

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