Restaurant Reviews: Cocktails, Jars, & Culture

November 6, 2017|Reviews

Reviews of the day, we got one for Zip slinging those jars, one for Bagel Coffee & Culture, (three very noble nouns) and a old timey Berlin cocktail bar, Herr Lindemann. Here it goes;

In Neukölln– First up, we have Berlin Ick liebe dir with their review of Zip, in Neukölln. Berlin Ick liebe dir are big fans of the new joint. While they think the place looks like any other cafe in Berlin, once experiencing all that Zip had to offer, they decided the experience was fresh and new, the ambience unique, the concept – food served in glass jars – top and the food delicious and fresh. Although this innovative concept does not come cheap, Berlin Ick liebe dir found the prices matched with what they got.   

Pannierstr. 57

In Kreuzberg– Next up we have Cee Cee with their review of Bagel, Coffee & Culture. Cee Cee is a big fan of the cafe which they frequent regularly and happens to be located just a few paces from their front door (Oh, the luxury!). With 17 different varieties of bagels on the menu, this place definitely has a lot to choose from. They were impressed with the fact that non-regulars and regulars alike are treated with kindness and respect. How novel. Now that is something rare for a chock full of pretentious hipster joints.  

Mehringdamm 66

In Rixdorf– Lastly, we have Qiez with their review of Herr Lindemann, a “chic new cocktail bar” in Richardplatz. Qiez is smitten with Herr Lindemann – from the shabby-chic interior to the herbal cocktails, most of which are made with gin. While Qiez finds it a shame that the old Berliner bars are a dying breed, they still find Herr Linemann to be a great addition to the area, bringing nightlife to an area that mainly only saw traffic during the day. On average, drinks (which are all original creations for the bar) range from 9€ but Qiez enjoyed every last drop.

Richardplatz 16 


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