Restaurant Closings: One Joint In Prenz, One Joint Way The Hell…

November 6, 2017|Openings

Closings rundown, we got one joint way out in Hellersdorf, and if you’re asking where the hell is… its east of Lichtneburg… and one joint in Prenz. Here it goes:

Hellersdorf– Pizza Planet on Hönower Strasse is calling it quits due to personal reasons. Not only is the 60 square meter joint up for grabs – apparently its 8 employees and 7000 regular customers (not sure how this can be guaranteed) are being thrown into the deal as well. Also unclear if a stipulation of the contract is keeping the business and employees as is. Here is some more info. 

Hönower Str 214

Prenzlauer BergPunjab, an Indian joint on Immanuelkirchstr. is looking to throw in the towel. With neighbours like Muse and Bildband Berlin, this 210 square meter location in Winsviertel is in prime adult hipster territory. Think young moms with strollers and organic ice cream and fading tattoos. Lots and lots of organic ice cream. 

Immanuelkirchstr. 29


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