Restaurant Openings: Coffee Lounge, Bakery On The Docket

November 6, 2017|Openings

We got two openings on the docket today, one in Mitte,  and one in Neukölln, one cafe and one bakery.

Mitte- Dallmyr Coffee Lounge is opening up at the Homes Place over in Gendermenmarkt later this week, so if you feel particularly parched from that rowing machine, or that treadmill, or lets face it, the sauna, rest assured you can get some of that latte dose. Granted Dallmyr isn’t considered the tops by all Berlin citizens including one disappointed facebooker:

“C’mon guys, you’re a premium brand, you could definitely get a better tasting coffee brand than Dallmayr.
There are so many good ones here in Berlin just waiting for you 

True or not? Not for Mr. Eatler to say.

Gendermenmarkt Holmes Place

Neukölln- Bully’s Bakery, new coffee shop is opening up on Wednesday serving that good coffee, cinnamon rolls, sammies and more. They been pulling a softy for the last little while, but it’s time to pull the trigger. Softy /sɔfti/ Mr. Eatler’s short code for a restaurant doing a soft opening. Not clear why, Bully’s, because they look like perfectly lovely people, but then, that’s a whole different kind of bull.

Friedelstraße 7




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