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November 3, 2017|Reviews

Reviews of the day, we got one from Savoteur, one from Creme, and one from Cee Cee… here it goes:

Wedding– First up we have Savoteur with their review of Sam Yuk Gu, a Korean restaurant on Seestraße. Savoteur were overall fans, with the salted kimchi and a generously portioned bibimbap being amongst their favs. Savoteur also finds the joint to be great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Which is good news, since everyone in Berlin has AT LEAST one (if not more) vegetarian or vegan friend, or is vegetarian or vegan themselves.

Seestraße 71

Schöneberg– Next we have Creme Guides with their review of Osteria Venexiana, an Italian restaurant on Nollendorfstraße. Creme Guides were totally smitten with the joint, which they consider to be a “secret tip” that won’t be staying secret for long. They were especially impressed with veg like tomatoes and eggplants imported straight out of Apulia, Italy and a dish of grilled Octopus on top of chick pea puree.

Nollendorfstraße 21A 

Kreuzberg– Lastly we have Cee Cee with their review of St. Bart, a pub with grub. Cee cee was completely impressed with St. Bart, which is serving up the best that both British and German cuisine has to offer. A bit of a strange combination for two countries that have a notorious dislike for each other ever since the end of World War Two, but word has it that intercultural exchange is hot right now, so it seems this combo was bound to happen sooner or later. Lets get Anglo Saxon on they ass.

Graefestr. 71 

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