Weekend Events: From High End To Casual, Its All There

November 3, 2017|Events

From high end to casual, here are the weekend events:

In Mitte– Regent Berlin on Charlottenstraße is hosting “Küchenparty 2017 im Fischers Fritz” on Sunday starting at 6:30 pm. Just remember, if you plan on coming to this 5 star restaurant, it looks as though you will both need to make a reservation and be willing to part with a substantial amount of moolah.  Check out the event here.

Charlottenstraße 49

For something a little more casual, In Kreuzkölln– ChaSu peruvian Street Food is hosting “Peruvian Pop Up” this Saturday from 1:30 PM until 9:15 PM at Dheim on Dieffenbachstrasse. Pop by for a menu featuring tamales, Chupe de camarones and Yuquitas Fritas. Just be sure to make a reservation. Check out the event here.

Dieffenbachstrasse 68

In KreuzbergMobile Izakaya Berlin and Dresden in Kreuzberg are hosting “Mobile Izakaya 居酒屋 at Dresden in Kreuzberg – 錦秋” on Saturday starting at 5:08 PM. Unclear what is the significance, if any for the starting time, but you get the idea. The event is all about celebrating the izakaya, a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. Check out the event here.

Dresdener Str. 19

In CLAM CLUB Spotlight on Women and Freunde von Freunden are hosting “Clam Club No 1” on Saturday starting at 6:30pm. While the event is apparently already sold out, it’s still worth mentioning, as it sounds pretty epic. The event is all about fusing film and the supper club together. This weekend’s film will focus on women, but men are of course still invited to join. Headlining the event is Vicotoria Eliasdottir former head chef of Dottir, Mitte restaurant that closed earlier this summer. Check out the event here.

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