Berlin Food Trucks: Bunny Chow?! Bunny Like ;)

November 3, 2017|Reviews

Here it is, this week’s drive by,we got two trucks serving up the healthy eats, and we got Bunny Chow… yeah, Mr. Eatler didn’t know either, but it sounds fucking awesome..

Friedrichshain- First up we have Hot Bunny’s for cold days, which will be taking place on Saturday from 9 AM until 3:30 PM in Boxhagener Platz at the weekend mart hosted by Indie’n Bite. Indie’n Bite will be serving up Bunny Chow, a traditional dish from South Africa made up of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry.   

Ku’Damm– Next up we have the Berlin Street Food Festival at Europacenter hosted by Mojewa Food Truck in Ku’Damm. Mojewa Food Truck specializes in healthy organic food combining the best from around the globe. They are extremely excited to be taking part in the 2nd Berlin Steet Food Festival at Europacenter, which is also apparently one of Berlin’s last food festivals for the year.


Mitte– Lastly, we have Clean Eats located on Hannoversche Str. Clean Eats who claim to offer a cool and healthy alternative to other restaurants without leaving you hungry. Clean Eats, which has been in existence since 2015, has a menu which changes daily to keep things exciting. Nothing better than a bit of food roulette, hey.

Hannoversche Str. 1


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