Restaurant Closings: Pizza Joint In Prenz, Coffee Joint in Neukölln

November 2, 2017|Openings

Closings rundown, we got one in Prenz and one Neukölln, here it goes

Prenzlauer BergCafe Goldstein, located on the corner of Stargarder Strasse and Schliemannstraße just off of Prenzlauer Allee, is closing up shop and looking for someone to take their place. The location is just shy of 200 square meters. This place has virtually no online presence (Is an establishment and establishment if it doesn’t have a Facebook?) so here’s wondering if that has something to do with their demise.

Stargarderstr. 24

Neukölln Cafe LUX in Schillerkiez can’t seem to get a break. Back in September, Eatler featured the three year old Cafe LUX in a closings rundown post but it looks like the owners have had little success in finding someone to take the place of their hands. Cafe LUX is looking for the right people to take over, so is it a matter of too little inquiry or not finding the right person?

Herrfurthstr. 9


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