Gentrification News: Orania Hotel Gets Taken To The Mattresses

November 2, 2017|Gossip

Kreuzberg- People are smashing windows and it’s not even the first of May yet. It looks like its the mattresses for one Kreuzberg hotel/resto. More than one offender dressed in black damaged the windows of Orania Berlin, a relatively new hotel, restaurant and bar concept in Kreuzberg. It recieved some heat for the perceived encroachment on the land of the people who prefer things to remain shitty. On a Tuesday night towards the end of October, a security guard on the night shift heard a loud sound and upon investigation saw the offenders take off in the direction of Naunynstraße. 

Although no political motive is suspected at this time, an eerily similar attack occurred in March when around 15 individuals clothed in black smashed in the windows of a new restaurant in Kreuzberg with baseball bats. This attack was clearly a response to the gentrification of the area, as those online who claimed responsibility for the attack did so with the heading: “Against the city of the rich.”  Check out the full post here.



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